My Story

Hello, I'm Torie Floyd. I daydream a lot and my nose is most often in a book. I'm a newly minted entrepreneur so I don't claim to know everything but I know enough. I dream of becoming a world-renowned author all over the world but until that happens, I do the next best thing- WRITE. ANYTHING. FOR ANYONE. I pick my own projects and I think that's pretty awesome. 

As a freelance writer, public relations consultant and all-around inquisitive being, I have worked with different clients in several different industries from fashion, entertainment, software technology, you name it! My favorites so far have been literary and entertainment but I’ve enjoyed working with all of my previous clients and all of this range in my abilities makes me super marketable to potential clients!

When I'm not writing press releases or creating impressive media campaigns for small business owners and different talent, you can find me kicking butt at the gym working on my squat game, wrestling a slice of pizza from my crazy, but lovable black lab Charlie and binge-watching Forensic Files so much that I have to sleep with a baseball bat underneath my pillow.

I'm also the owner of my own blog called 'Notorious Stories' It's a personal but informative blog that offers tips, tricks, guidance and entertaining stories for the entrePReneur, the small business owner, or anybody that’s looking to make it for themselves! Make sure to check it out!
So, without further ado--enjoy my website, take a look around and then contact me---I'd love to work for you and I'd love to help you be NOTORIOUS!


NotoriousPR is a no-niche PR consulting firm with a main focus in the creative industry. Originally starting in 2015 as a fashion and entertainment firm, NotoriousPR quickly realized how much focusing on one industry was limiting. How can a business stand out from all the others? Simple. With a love of all things original and imaginative, I refuse to narrow my approach to any specific creative industry. With my broad experience and knowledge base from several different industries, I apply these learned strategies to many different artistic industries and expand my ability to handle any situation for your brand.